2022 updates:

Undoubtedly, the pandemic and tight labor market has dramatically affected our business. Our staff was reduced by half directly after the beginning of the pandemic and remains small due to the tight labor market. What this means for our customers is that while we have the tools, skills, knowledge and abilities to do a wide range of cleaning services, at present, we are only taking new Carpet and Upholstery jobs, and housecleaning jobs under certain conditions.

In The housecleaning category, we only accept appointments for one-time deep cleanings or move-in/move-out cleanings.

Our requirements:

●A minimum 2 week lead time to schedule the job;
●Up to a week's time to complete all assigned work;
●Essential utilities must be turned on;
●Customers must be available to inspect and approve our final work;
●Payment is due immediately upon completion of sevices.

Deep cleaning or move-in/move-out cleanings may include a combination of the following separate services:

●General housecleaning;
●Carpet or upholstery cleaning;
●Appliance cleaning;
●Interior window cleaning;
●Lawn care or clean up, such as tree or shrub trimming;
●Other customized services.

Customized services are based on the customer's unique goals or requirements. For example, whereas a renter may want a good cleaning to maximize their return deposit, a landlord or property management company wants their property deep cleaned to expedite showings and reduce time on the market.

On deep cleanings, the following information may serve as a rough pricing guide:

●A one bathroom property will start at $175 for up to five hours of service;
●A two bathroom will start at $245 for roughly seven hours of service;
●A three bathroom will start at $310;
●And for anything bigger, unless you are an existing or recent past customer, we will probably not be able to serve you at this time due to staff shortages.

This is just a general guide. Every situation is unique and our prices reflect our actual time and effort on a job as opposed to an in-person, over-the-phone or virtual estimate.

We're not a maid service, so we're only going to clean a home once or at most, semi-annually or annually.

●If you have a maid service and are noticing missed details, we may be able to supplement your routine cleanings with a one-time deep cleaning. We'll even report back ideas to help guide the efforts of your regular cleaners.
●If you don't have and need a maid service, skip the high start up costs and spotty results of maid services by hiring us for the initial deep cleaning and then use them for routine cleanings going forward.

We're not housekeepers so if any area is cluttered, we generally won't clean that area.

●Counters should be clear of personal belongings.
●Small appliances and ornamental items can remain as we'll work around them.
●Books and papers should be stacked in neat piles.
●Appliances to be cleaned should be emptied - we don't handle food.
●Small objects, such as coins, hair pins, screws/nails, toys, etc. should be removed from the floor.

What we clean includes the following:

●Interior rooms, bathrooms, and kitchens;
●Floors, doors, walls, and windows, except interior window tracks;
●Electrical covers, fans, lighting and other fixtures;
●Baseboards and other molding, furniture.
●Outside, we can sweep, remove cobwebs, and blow out dust from garages.

While we don't clean dishes or do laundry, we'll leave your home sparkly clean for existing occupants or "show-ready" for sellers.