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Extra charges may apply to the following situations:

-Cleaning of outside windows, porches, patios, balconies or garages
-Cleaning inside tracks of windows
-Cleaning blinds (light dusting of blinds is typically included in our service)
-Cleaning heavily soiled areas
-Treating mold, pet messes or biohazardous materials (treating mildew is typically included)
-Working in extremely cluttered environments
-Cleaning surfaces outside of reach with standard tools or a small stepladder

Helpful Hints and Tricks:

  • Prepare for your cleaning appointment by clearing counters of personal items, removing items from sinks, stacking paperwork into piles, etc.
  • Notify our cleaner of any loose or defective items in the areas to be cleaned so that those items aren't unnecessarily damaged (i.e. by pulling on a set of blinds that aren't fully secured or wiping a loose towel rack)
  • Provide our cleaners with a priority list so that their efforts are focused on what's most important to you in case they run short on time
  • First time cleaning appointments may take longer than what one might expect due to our cleaners doing a thorough job in your cleaning project
  • Our services include all cleaning materials unless you have specific cleaning product needs or restrictions, in which case leave your desired cleaning products out on the counter for us to use

Other Terms and Conditions:
  • Appointments are to be performed during normal business hours
  • Water and utilities must be turned on and sinks should not be clogged
  • Cancellations within 24 hours will be either be assessed a cancellation fee or trip charge