Don't Keep Staring at a Spotted Carpet

Turn to us for carpet cleaning in Charlotte, NC

Dingy carpets look and feel gross. Clean Team CLT will restore them to like-new condition. We provide professional steam cleaning in Charlotte, North Carolina. Steam cleaning is a fast, efficient way to remove trapped dirt and odors. If you need to get rid of set-in stains, ask us to spot clean your carpets.

Clean carpets are a great addition to any home, especially if you have energetic toddlers. Trust us to keep your carpets soft and safe for your home. Call 980-220-2580 now to schedule routine carpet steam cleaning in Charlotte, North Carolina.

We move light objects and vacuum first. Then we apply pretreatment solutions and treat stains before agitating the carpet with rolling brushes. Afterwards, we spray cleaning solutions while applying steam and using an extraction technique to remove moisture from the carpet. Finally, we apply a scented bio-enzymatic solution that continues the work long after we leave, and wipe away any spills from hard floor surfaces. We charge by the square footage. Additional charges may apply for heavily stained or soiled carpets, moving heavy furniture, or carpet protection. Allow 24 hours for carpets to dry.

5 benefits of our professional carpet cleaning service

5 benefits of our professional carpet cleaning service

Household cleaners are good in a pinch, but they can't deep clean your carpets like our solutions can. Here are five perks of hiring us to clean your carpets:

  1. You'll save yourself time and money by letting us clean them.
  2. Our cleaning products are safe to use around children and pets.
  3. We'll improve your indoor air quality by eliminating odors.
  4. We'll reduce the amount of bacteria and allergens in your home.
  5. We'll extend the life of your carpets so you can keep enjoying them.
Leave the dirty work to the pros. Reach out to us today to learn more about professional carpet cleaning in Charlotte, North Carolina.